Cahaba River & Trussville WWTP Phase 1/TMDL/Improvements

Work on this project includes modification of the alum pumping and conveyance system at the Cahaba WWTP to allow injection of alum into the reaeration basins for removal of phosphorous by chemical precipitation, modification of the alum feed system in the filter building, and construction of new feed pipeline from the filter building to the reaeration basins; replacement of headworks gate actuators at the Cahaba WWTP; addition of submersible mixers and associated walkways to the oxidation ditches at the Cahaba WWTP; replacement of the existing pump drives for Pump No. 3 at the Al Seier Pump Station with a variable frequency drive and restraints installed on the pump discharge piping; demolition of the existing alum feed system at the Trussville WWTP with a new alum feed system using the existing conveyance piping and feed points; and demolition of the existing UV system at the Trussville WWTP with a new larger capacity system.

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