Athens Water Treatment Plant Improvements

Work on this project includes rehabilitation of six granular media filters, including the replacement of the filter valves, media, underdrains, actuators, rate of flow controllers, and minor sections for the filter piping; replacement of the existing subsurface backwash system with a new air scour backwash system, including the addition of a new blower and associated piping; construction of a new splitter box with adjustable weirs to control flow individually to each pair of flocculation/sedimentation basins; replacement of the existing baffles associated with the hydraulic flocculators in Basins 1 through 4; modification of the existing mechanical flocculator associated with Basins 5 and 6, including demolition of the existing paddle flocculators, installation of new vertical impeller flocculators, and associated structural modifications to create two separate flocculation basins; electrical improvements required to accommodate the improvements being constructed, including addition of new electrical building , main switchgear, and site lighting improvements; and demolition of the existing splitter box.

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