Incinerator System Rehab & Emissions Upgrade

Work on this project includes demolition and removal of the existing primary heat exchanger, venturi-scrubber, induction fans, ash pumps and gravity belt thickeners and associated ductwork, piping, wiring, and controls; upgrades to the emission control system including, but not limited to installation of a replacement primary heat exchanger, new multi-venturi scrubber system with sorbent polymer composite filter unit, access platform system and ancillary systems to support the multi-venturi scrubber including water supply piping, drain piping, electrical and instrumentation systems; new ash transfer pumping equipment from the multi-venturi scrubber to the existing ash clarifier; replacement ash pumping equipment from the ash clarifier to the existing lagoon at the facility; modification to the existing purge air blower piping; installation of new panelboard and associated electrical equipment to power the new emission control equipment; and installation of a new PLC control panel for the new emission control system and modification to the existing SCADA system.

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